lightmanager mini + kodi

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lightmanager mini + kodi

Beitrag von skank » Fr 23. Sep 2016, 22:19

i have a lightmanager mini
i would like to use kodi + kodi addon cinema experience to control lightning using my harmony and lightmanager mini
Not sure if its possible
the kodi addon needs a web api
i know if i connect the lightmanager to a pc with usb, i could control it through ipadress right

manual says it needs a pc for that, but why not an android mediaplayer which is in fact also a sort of pc.

is this possible? cause öy kodi mediaplayer is an android device

or are there other ways? using the devices i have
i know i could map the keys in kodi and that could be a way? but if i could control it over the air, i have more options

or do i need a bridge then? not sure if its still available cause i cant find it

or should i go into hue lights? that works with kodi and kodi addon im sure but is more expensive than lightmanager and kaku

thx for help here

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Re: lightmanager mini + kodi

Beitrag von jbmedia » Di 27. Sep 2016, 13:36


it would be possible to connect the Light-Manager Mini to a Windows PC and then use the web api to control it from Kodi. It is not possible to use an Android PC because there is no Android software available.

However, it would be an awkward and cumbersome solution, which will not offer a satisfactory user experience. If you really want to control KAKU (= Trust, InterTechno...) actuators as well as HUE lights and other stuff seriously, think about the Light-Manager Air. This offers all in one device with lowest power consumption (perfect for 24h on-time) and a comfortable software for configuration. It's a little more expensive at start, but will save you a lot of time and probably money in the long run.
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